Optheron power amplifier

Power amplifier's are often running hot, and ever more often being overcooled. Temperature is a key factor of solid state devices' ( ie. transistors, FET's, MOS-FET's and diodes) working manner. Transistors are just like humans - too hot and too cold either can be very uncomfortable. Moreover, transistors like stable temperature, because their distortions are proportional to their temperature changes. The more we can keep a silicone device stable in between 45-60 degrees C, the less it will distort our delicate signal.

OPTHERON is for OPtimal THERmal solutiON, a result of our long time research of transistor behaviour in different thermal conditions. The sonic effect speaks for itself, the dynamic distortion level is incredibly low, this amp gives clean, smooth, unfatiguing, yet dynamic and powerful sound that was very rarely found in entry-High-End category previously.

If you are getting tired of badly designed, cold, edgy sounding transistor amps or tube amp limitations (i.e. low power, fatiguingly high harmonic distortion, limited bandwidth, coloured tonality, very limited choice of matching loudspeakers, high maintenance requirements and cost, etc.) but want to keep smoothness and dynamics that many love the tubes for, OPTHERON is a clean upgrade. All in one.


OPTHERON is a true High-End performer by it's own right.

Technical details:

Description: Class AB MOS-FET stereo power amplifier

Power output:                 200W /channel into 4 Ohm ( 127 W /channel into 8 Ohm and 105 W / channel into 2 Ohm )

Frequency range:           1 Hz - 100 kHz (0,1 dB), 1 Hz - 240 kHz (-3 dB)

Output Noise:                 2 mV

Harmonic distortion:      <0,02% ( 3rd harmonic )

Intermodulation:             <0,005%

Phase linearity:                <5 deg. between 100 Hz and 10 kHz

Power consumption:       25 W idle, 530 W full power. 230V 50Hz

Input terminals:               RCA

Output terminals:           Banana and bare wire ( max.dia 6 mm )

Weight:                           12,6 kg (27 lb)

Warranty:                         5 years

MOS-FET power amplifiers are rugged and almost fail-safe electronics, however in some cases unplanned conditions may occur. To protect You against the results of these seldom cases all of our power amplifiers are equipped with our own innovative loudspeaker (+ amplifier ) protection that not only switch the amp output off the loudspeakers if any trouble occurs but immediately switch off the entire amplifier to avoid costly damages.

We put high attention to long lifetime, the most life-critical parts (capacitors) of any GAUSS amplifiers are very high reliability industrial grade ones that offers many decades of life without performance degradation. Although the expected lifetime is 35+ years, we suggest to check the caps in every 20 years due to manufacturer's production variations. 20 years is a safe period in every aspect.

Yes, we say it from experience, once you buy it, you will keep it for the next 20 years.... Or more.

Any time you want to upgrade to our NEURON monoblocks ( need higher power or higher damping factor ) you can trade-in your GAUSS amplifier for the same price you paid for it, if the condition is like original. We love to see our customers happy. You don't need to loose money, run circles to sell, etc. Just enjoy...

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