NEURON is our first step into the ultimate High-End Audio. In some cases like very low loudspeaker impedance or very low sensitivity or these both together, maybe combined with ultra high current requirement (multiple parallel speakers within the cabinet), we speak about difficult to drive loudspeakers. This category sports many of top calibre loudspeaker designs.These designs mean a real challenge to the power amplifier. So much so, that an amp that can happily drive relative easy impedances (4-8 Ohms) can be restricted, dull, underpowered, undynamic, muddy sounding under heavy load.

NEURON has been addressed to handle this problem.

While our other premium amplifiers ( see OPTHERON and LZ SEVEN ) are highly capable performers paired to easy to drive loudspeakers they haven't been designed to push out 30-40 Ampers. We designed NEURON to be able to drive down to 1 Ohm impedance with stability margin (  600 W version ) or as low as 0,5 Ohm impedance ( 1200 W version ). While our premium amps are quasi-dual mono designs (common high power transformer with separate windings for the two cannel) at very high load this could be a bottleneck. Moreover, it would be very difficult to build a 2 kW transformer into an amplifier case, not to mention it's starting current of around 30A.

Therefore, an ultimate amplifier must be monoblock.

We build NEURON only for order.

This make us remain flexible. Customer can choose power rating ( 600-1200W ),  can specify colour of front plate ( silver-black-gold-champagne or white ) and can order special INSANE parts' pack that turns this amplifier into the Ultimate sound category.

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