ANTARES  Virtual Ground      Applied Nanotechnology EMI Wave filter + Power conditioner

The fact, that our living environment ( effectively, all the World ) has been filled with „electro smog” is well known by the professionals and even those people having no real knowledge in this matter has basic information about radio waves around them.

These waves are generated by radio stations, mobile telephone systems, bluetooth units, Wifi routers, on air installed power lines, automotive ignition systems,  and many more things we use daily. The form of this „hidden” ( unnoticeable by eye ) but very serious environmental pollution is mostly electromagnetic (EM) energy waves.

Generally, these waves have no noticeable impact on human living, at least some very sensitive people reports malaise, bad feel in stronger EM fields. However, the finest electronic systems are far more sensitive to this impact . Our colour televisions, personal computers and audio systems cannot operate as they intended to do because EM impact causes interference , (so called EMI) information loss in their data lines. ( This is why, for example computer LAN cables can be maximum 93 m long, longer cable has such interference level that can be compared to the original signal ). In colour TV’s very similar things happen but we only may notice less clear picture or faded colours. The most noticeable impact we get by EMI comes in an audio system.

Audio professionals know the need of clean power supply for a long time. Industry has many different and refined solutions for cleaning incoming power and filtering noises from the power line. However, these solutions generally leave out of consideration that EMI can enter into the system effectively ANYWHERE. You cannot prevent noise entering the house stopping it at the door when it can easily come in through the window, and through the roof, as well. Therefore, ordinary mains line filtering is an almost ineffective way to fight EMI impact. Power supply filtering has similarly poor effect because all PSU’s have a reference point, the ground plane. Engineers tend to accept ground plane as a clean reference point and design their electronics as if it was true. In FACT ground lines are NOT CLEAN. They are affected by EMI ( all the lines that can conduct electron current are antennes that receives EM waves and voilá !!! EMI entered into our system...)

The only real solution is a controlled supression of any possible EM signals entering into the system.

We at Gauss Audio found a very sophisticated solution for the above problem. We extensively measured EMI impacts and defined the most critical frequencies that must be supressed. Since EMI entering points are twofold, one is outside of our audio system, the mains line and one is inside, the system’s ground line. Inside power lines are generally well filtered so if the ground line becomes clean, the whole system free up from EMI impact.

Why Antares VG is so effective?

Because it filters out EMI from outside and inside in the same time, by a purpose-designed, controlled nanotechnology wave supressing method that cleans up the information conducting line.