"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci

Our technology drives your emotions

What we do is hiding leading edge amplifier technology behind external simplicity.

Technology that matters.


Our company founded in 1995, 25 years ago, started as a premium audio distributor in Hungary. Perhaps from birth we have been in love with music and its faithful reproduction. After spending many years in sales and demonstrating top audio gears we realised our final conclusion, the KEY to any audio system: most aspects of reproduced music (i.e.dynamics, authority, spatiality, delicacy, etc.) are critically depend on electronics' quality. Ever since, we research and develop premium audio electronics exclusively. We strongly believe - and can prove - that highest quality solid state electronics can sound equally or more musically involving than any tube based designs and in the same time, provide much more freedom of loudspeaker choice, the second most sensitive aspect of any audio system building. Solid state amps have longer lifespan, avoid tube aging, biasing problems, periodical costly needs of tubes replacing. AND provide much lower distortion, wider frequency extensions, higher power and way less waste of energy. These are inevitable facts. However, in spite of them, many other solid state electronics are inferior sounding to tube based ones due to engineering limitations. Question is: can we design modern, sleek, sophisticated high technology electronics that sound as good or better than any tube amplifiers of any price without their weak features?

After 20 years of research and innovation,




Offering electronics that make THE Difference


MOS-FET Power Amplifier


Monoblock Power Amplifier

Circuit Board


Solid State Preamplifier


Power Amplifier



Virtual Ground + EMI filter



Integrated Amplifier (phono)


"I have tried quite a lot of amplifiers during the last few years. Each has several strengths and weaknesses. Then, I was told to try a GAUSS amp. So frankly that I ordered the last one of series 5. All that I was hunting for, without any disturbing weakness. I think I am arrieved, finally..."


"I am a happy tube amp owner, I must be clear. However, I wanted to know what can a good solid state amp offer.  A friend of mine brought his big american MOS-FET amp and I asked for a demo piece of GAUSS  to compare. I really like my tube sound but I am certain if I ever change to solid state, GAUSS gives all that I need."

Customers feedbacks

As they say...


"This one ( series 7 ) sounds fantastic! But seriously... I was looking for an amp that sounds open, airy with insight to the music, has natural tonality and easy flowing rhythm with power and  real BASS. Man, I found it! Thanks a lot! "


"In fact, you were right. I was a little bit sceptical when you stated that I must allow some time for the amplifier to bed in to the system. Then, after a few days I realized it was better and better day by day. Now it sings like a bird, coherent and smooth, no fatiguing at all."


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